Nudie Jeans Type : Lab Tim Selvadge Condition : Good NJM4031

100% ORGANIC COTTON In 2006 Nudie Jeans announced one of the brand's key future goals: A 100% organic denim collection. Now that goal has finally been reached!
The implementation of the idea proved to be a struggle. It forced us to change our approach and the way we work. Most of our denim suppliers produced few, if any, organic denim fabrics. At the time, the organic trend wasn't as big as a few years back.

The leading manufacturers of denim cloth are located in Italy and Turkey. Since Turkey is also a major producer of organic cotton, it was a natural step to start there. In collaboration with our suppliers, we started to develop new fabrics that resulted in a selection of high-quality organic weaves. These fabrics were used in all denim articles found in the fall winter 2012 collection as well as the current spring collection.

Han Room, Mid Valley

Cucian karpet restoran Han Room di Mid Valley dimulakan jam 11.00 malam dan selesai jam 3.45 pagi.


Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd

Cucian karpet pejabat Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd, East Wing Wisma Consplant Subang Jaya pada 21/4/2012.


Batch Kedua Segmen Karpet Domestik

Ketibaan 'batch' kedua karpet segmen domestik untuk dicuci.

Karpet jenis rambu-rambu ni kena guna 'carpet extractor'.

Proses menyiapkan cucian karpet 'batch' pertama, karpet rambu proses kena teliti guna carpet extractor dan 'upright vacuum cleaner'.